Topics: Occupational safety and health, Law, Mass production Pages: 2 (640 words) Published: February 20, 2013
Nike’s Ethical Dilemmas Going International
Companies are faced with several ethical dilemmas when they decide to go international. They are faced with issues including child labor, hazardous working environments, below the livable wage earnings, long working hours, exploitation of natural resources, and bribery. For example, Nike was faced with many of these issues when they made the decision to go global. The company itself did not manufacture its own goods but rather outsourced their designs to manufacturing companies around the world. Nike’s main reason for doing this was to take advantage of the cheap labor overseas. However, this led them to be criticized because many people believed Nike was becoming rich by exploiting the hard work of underpaid workers. Most of these cases against Nike could have avoided if the company would have taken precautions about the ethically debatable working conditions that were going on in the subcontracted manufacturing companies.

Nike could have researched the countries they were subcontracting their manufacturing to determine a livable wage. The company could then require their subcontractors to pay all of their workers at least a wage that could supply the needs of the individual worker. In doing this Nike could have avoided the criticisms about underpaying poor world workers for their input into the manufacturing companies. Also if Nike raised the wage enough to support the individual and their family it would prevent child labor from occurring. However, Nike should have also set a minimum age requirement with their subcontractors to ensure that no child labor laws were broken. A cap could have also been placed on the number of hours an individual could work per week to ensure that no one was being over worked in the manufacturing plants. With these requirements Nike would have keep itself safe from being convicted of having child labor, long working hours, and under payment to the workers in their subcontracted...
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