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. Knight has an absolutely clear and committed strategy to celebrity athlete endorsement. He describes it as one part of the "three-legged stool" which lies behind Nike's phenomenal growth since the early 1980s, with the other two being product design and advertising. "Part of our success is that we know who we are," says Knight. "We defined ourselves. It is our job to provide inspiration and aspiration for everyone interested in sports in the world. We believe that everyone who has a body is an athlete."

During a 21-year partnership with W&K, Nike has created some of the world's most attention-grabbing advertising: Nike "good v evil" and the recent $3m Terry Gilliam-directed epic in cages on a ship, both for World Cups; "tag", last year's Cannes grand prix winner; famous ads starring Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi playing in the streets of Manhattan; Tiger Woods playing keepy-uppy with a golf ball; and Brazil's team playing soccer at the airport terminal. It is a remarkable body of work, both in its variety, daring and consistent originality. At Nike there is a streamlined decision-making process that gives marketing directors real power and a refusal to rely on market research pre-testing which so often neuters edgier commercials. There is also the long relationship with one of the world's best ad agencies, and what Wieden describes as "an honesty about sport". Things only happen in Nike ads that sportsmen and women can really do.

  Instrumental to Nike’s development and evident success is its efficiency in integrated marketing communication. The company has learned to apply a strategy wherein it could constantly communicate its messages through all media instruments, and consequently, to every consumer; this according to (2006), was made possible through Nike’s combination of conventional and modern advertising.

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