Topics: Newton's laws of motion, Michael Jordan, Newton's law of universal gravitation Pages: 2 (703 words) Published: December 5, 2012
As we all know that Nike ads display confidence, attitude, and a good seller about their products. Historically, using successful sports stars has been a typical characteristic of Nike’s commercial. Michael Jordan was one of their main promoters. They are using a lot of rhetorical techniques to catch consumers’ attention. Its successful visual appealing makes consumers take a glance of it and want to buy their products.

This advertisement is a Nike advertisement in the old time. It shows a famous basketball player, Michael Jordan, in the air about to most finish off a slam dunk. There are two lines of words in large size on the top right of the advertisement, showing “Michael Jordan: 1, Isaac Newton: 0” this shows that Michael Jordan is basically defying gravity by being that high up in the air. Thus, this goes against Newton’s law of Universal gravitation. Below these two lines, there is a logo of Nike Company----a check mark. The whole design of this ad is very simple and clear.

Nike endorses Michael Jordan. He is a world famous basketball star and has a good reputation. He is wearing Nike shoes in the ad and Jumping that high in the air. His reputation makes audiences and consumers to believe the high quality of Nike shoes. The Jordan ad carried a secondary effect that the capacity to relate to the consumer. We all know that Michael Jordan came from a poor family and went on to become the best in his sport, followed by fame and riches. That was an instant appeal for many consumers and that hidden message transcended across many races and cultures. Therefore Jordan’s reputation is successful ethos to promote Nike products to consumers.

To be “Like Mike” is something that pretty much every basketball fans dream. Michael Jordan is one of the greatest basketball players in the history of the world. He has 6 championship rings, and his flashy dunks and amazing play on the court leave people a deep impression that cannot forget about. Nike is advertising...
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