Nike's Biz Analysis

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Nike's Business Analysis
Eric J. Cortes Cintron
University of Phoenix
September 26, 2012
Prof. Elsie Y. Jimenez Galarza

Nike's Business Analysis
Nike, Inc. (NKE: New York) has become one of most recognizable companies in the entire world. NKE is now the most popular brand in, not just America, but throughout the whole world. It is target market for their shoes, clothes, and other accessories are males and females between 18 and 35 years old. NKE Competitive market has expanded and dominated in the international market. Annually disburse TV ads during professional and college sports events, prime-time programs, and late-night TV programs. Since the 2003 athletic footwear industry has begun to enter the high-cost, high-growth "double high" development mode. In 2010, the United States athletic apparel market become the world’s largest Sportswear market. Financial Analysis Overview

A financial analysis helps us compare a company’s current performance with its past performance. Gives us an idea of how the entire industry is performing as well. Liquidity ratios, profitability ratios, and leverage ratios will give us a good basis of how Nike, Adidas Group, and Under Armour are performing. The gross profit margin is:

Nike trails for below Under Armour and Adidas Group. Under Armour has a very good gross profit margin.

The return on investment shows profitability of company based on total assets. NKE outperforms its competitors with a drastic increase in 2007 and 2008.

Debts equity ratio measures a firm’s financial leverage. Can also be looked at as a measure of how much is being financed through debt than equity. A high number for the debt equity ratio is not attractive to investors. Under Armour is the most appealing in this group for the debt equity ratio. Technology

If you go for cook by including regular work out, but want to evaluate your advance whenever you want, you should not bring its own bodyweight into the range. An insane concept, but NKE, the master of sportswear and components are insane elements in thoughts. Now they have no traditional items and things, and create the NKE edition of it. According to Sangani (2012): “Today’s shoes features all manners of technologies, including electronics and sensors, everything to keep customers believing that $20 Billion running shoes industry will help us cushion every stride”. The latest technology gadget: Nike FuelBand

A season ago we were all presented with a new advancement known as the durability of the ties, a form of diamond that changes shade as your actions. Well, NKE created a better edition of that with their latest technology, such as Petrol Group. It is simple arm cuff, light and portable, and guarantees many excellent functions to help you with your objectives to a balanced lifestyle. What it does is evaluate every action you do every day – operating, bodybuilding, diving, and even having sex – each action was calculated using a little system. It is relatively simple to use and the best factor about it is that you do not need to tell yourself of it every day, because it likes anything once you’re set. You only need to set an everyday location, put the Petrol Buckle, and it does its miracle to. To examine on the advance and research, just media the option that only this band. It will be the calorie consumption of all the actions that create you indicate, you have taken actions throughout the day (or before you media that button), time you get fuel and NKE. Nike Fuel? There is know-how Nike Group. With the reduce your pedal is converted into a variety of particular health actions Nike Fuel. For example, if you and LeBron launches 100 cycle in the schedule, no issue if he creates a gift container more than you (which of course is the result) you both will get the same quantity Nike Petrol. Nike Fuel is a superb way to keep you from the variety of calorie consumption missing, but allows you focus on the variety...
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