Nike's Attempt to Improve the World

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Johanna Snieckus
Ms. Grosh
English 103-033
8 November 2011
Nike’s Attempt to Improve the World
There are tons of different companies that make products for different sports; including Adidas, Nike, Champion, Under Armour, and many more. The question is, which brand is the best to buy as a consumer? Some people like to buy the cheapest products in order to save money, but little do they know they could be hurting the world by doing so. Nike’s brand may not be the cheapest of all brands, but it is definitely the most eco-friendly. Not only are they eco-friendly, but also their corporation works to make the world a better place by assisting those around the world who are in need. Nike also finds that it is important that people all around the world have access to sport because of the benefits it brings to individuals. Consumers buy Nike’s products rather than other brands, because they take many steps to make the world a better place like being eco-friendly and having their own foundation. Nike’s Corporations pushes very hard and successfully to show their audience, through advertisements and media, that they are green, help different people and groups around the world, and try to improve the world through sport. Although others may disagree and say that Nike is not eco-friendly, and treat their own employees poorly, it is important to remember that Nike is working very hard and being as honest as possible to make everything better for their consumers, because that is who is the most important towards their company.

In our current society, being eco-friendly is becoming more and more important every day. We are slowly running out of natural products to use in our everyday lives, which is why being green is so important. Reduce, reuse, and recycle is a main part of helping our environment. A lot of times, people in our society, don’t even realize that they are hurting our environment because they don’t picture themselves as a whole. For example, most families throw away 88 pounds of plastic every year when it is stated that 84 percent of all household waste can be recycled (Nike Better World). If we want to live in a clean and healthy environment, we need to take small steps to make the world a better place. Not only is it important to help our environment, but also it is also nice to help those who are in need due to financial problems and more. In our current generation, there are thousands of people around the world who are poor, starving, uneducated, and unhealthy. Nike has taken multiple steps forward to try and improve these problems in many countries around the work by raising money with other organizations, and creating programs to help those in need. Nike’s company isn’t just concerned about making money for themselves and their company, but they also make sure that they help our environment and the people living in our world. Nike makes sure they do so by spreading this information through their popular media.

Nike’s corporation has taken multiple steps to making the world a better place, including reducing the amount of material used, reusing materials, and recycling materials. It is said by Nike’s Better World program that, “Each Nike 2010 football jersey is made entirely from recycled polyester. That’s up to eight recycled plastic bottlers per jersey. In total, that diverted nearly 13 million plastic bottles from landfills” (Nike Better World). Nike finds it important that they use recycled items to produce their products so they don’t ruin their environment in the process. Nike has even begun working with other companies to develop and install 25 refurbished basketball courts in New York City alone. The fact that Nike works so hard to recycle and help our environment shows what a wonderful company they really are. With the hundreds of products Nike makes they also use recyclables and recycle their shoeboxes, sneakers, and clothing; basically Nike has begun to reduce, reuse, and recycle all of the...
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