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Amazon vs. Walmart:

Which Giant Will Dominate E-Commerce?


Amazon vs. Walmart keyword search on Search Engine / Youtube Walmart vs. Amazon

Retail Walmart vs Amazon: Price War

Walmart vs. Amazon – Same Day Delivery

Walmart vs Amazon for online shopping dollars


What is e-Business & e-Commerce? E-business refers to the use of the Internet and networking to enable all parts of the business, while e-commerce refers to just that part of business that involves selling goods and services over the Internet. Internet technology has also brought similar changes in the public sector – the use of Internet and networking technologies in government is referred to as e-government.


E-Commerce Concepts
What Are The Distinctive Features of e-Commerce That Make It So Successes? Ubiquity – available everywhere, 24/7 Global Reach – Customers around the world Universal Standards – browsers, platforms, languages Richness – contents unlimited Interactivity – customer interactive and self control Information Density – tons of updated information available Personalization/Customization – permit modification of goods Social Technology – promote user content generation and social networking 46

Value Chain & Competitive Forces
Business value chain model
Views firm as series of activities that add value to products or services Highlights activities where competitive strategies can best be applied At each stage, determine how information systems can improve operational efficiency and improve customer and supplier intimacy


Value Chain & Competitive Forces
SCM Inbound Logistics Package Processing Financing Management Accounting Management Warehouse Management CRM Outbound Logistics Distribution Network




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