Nightmare: Fear and Odd Reason

Topics: English-language films, Fear, Mind Pages: 1 (457 words) Published: May 12, 2013
The moment of terror when you’re being chased by a masked killer, while running for your life through a dark forest. You try and scream for help but nothing comes out. You trip, and before you know it the killer is right in front of you. He pulls a knife out and you wake up. Drenched in sweat, you quickly look around your surroundings to make sure that it was all just a nightmare. We have all had this moment, most of us probably more than once. Nightmares are a big terror of mine because I feel like even if they are a dream it may still be my fate someday. When I was a little kid, I always had nightmares about a clown living in the shower in my house. They happened so often that I was soon terrified of that bathroom in general. I vaguely remember one nightmare where I was sitting in the living room of my home, and I heard a noise. I went and checked it out, and a clown just jumps out of me. These nightmares finally did stop when I was a little older with one final nightmare that I clearly remember. My brother and I were playing with cars in the basement, and for some odd reason, I decided to look out the door (since it was a walk-out basement), and coming slowly towards our house was the clown. Before I realized it he was in the same room as me. I began to run, but I felt like I was in space, as I went slowly to the stairs. I tried screaming for help, but my voice had gone. I finally made it upstairs and thought I was safe, but I then saw something terrible. The clown was holding a long knife to my brother’s throat. I immediately woke up, but I was terrified. I never did have another dream about that clown though. I think nightmares can physically affect people. For example, if someone cannot run away quick enough from the terror in their own nightmare, they may try to get more in physical shape. I also think it can mess with people's minds. For example, my own mind was afraid to go into that bathroom for the longest time, when in reality...
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