Nightmare - Creative Writing

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  • Published : August 28, 2008
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The howling of the wind brought my eyes to open. Where was I? Focusing in the dark of night, confusion washed over me as I came to realize I was in the desert. Distant landscapes of dry and worn rock surrounded me, and beneath my bare feet I felt the gritty sand caught between my toes. I was surrounded by those rocky hills and yet as I scanned the desolate desert it seemed never ending. The irony of the nighttime desert suddenly set into my body; that ghastly wind moving right through me and chilling my bones to that of splintering ice. The need to move started me forward though, and I felt a sharp ache all over, my body trying to fight against change. Was I lost? My heart began pounding fast in my chest, the blood pumping through my veins felt like an icy river. So slow, but I trudged onwards, hope holding onto a possible lie. It was when my pace held steady that a sudden wariness alerted me to foreign noises. Soft hissing sailed through the air waves, accompanied by a more mechanic static… What was that? It slid right into my mind and took me in a hold. I halted, my feet sinking into the sand. An uneasy paranoia gripped my chest as the noises mirrored me, pausing just as I did. Sickness rose like bile in my throat, I could feel eyes upon me… somewhere. I began to move again, desperate to leave this place now. Stubbornly, I stared towards the endlessness of the chilly desert, refusing to look back. I dared not to look back. A strong gale came, making my hair flail out behind me and the tiniest of noises began to spiral around my head with unseen stealth. The static came back, but mingled within it was a wicked giggling. I looked around uneasily, head turning to look and search all around me. Where was it coming from? All I saw was those silent, unmoving rocky hills…The giggling continued to move all around me, fading in and out of hearing range, corrupting me to an edginess that brought on an unwanted burst of adrenalin. Burning tears began to well up in my...
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