Nightfall Description

Topics: Sound, Drowning, Insect Pages: 1 (292 words) Published: March 13, 2012
Descriptive Writing: Nightfall
The reflection of the orange orb in the lake flickers slightly as birds fly over it, chirping shrilly. The orb drags away the orange streaks of light as it drowns in the horizon and paves the way for a silent, enchanting night. Light slithers away, relinquishing its claim over the terrain to the shadows. Darkness creeps slowly and steadily drowning the cries of birds in its everlasting glory. The orange sky evolves into a jet of black cover overhead with millions of tiny, glimmering specks that sparkle like tiny fireflies, forming glorious structures. The air of emptiness suddenly seems to lurk around the forest as all its activities come to grinding halt. The trees tower above in the perpetual darkness and adopt various figures. Some appear spooky, some hilarious. The giant canopy forms a colossal labyrinth overhead, which waves silently in the mild zephyr with smothered whispers that are drowned by the broken bits of squeaking by irate bats swooping overhead, preying on hapless insects. The place gets transformed into a pitch-black graveyard, except for the tiny activity in the bushes and sights of glinting eyes scampering between ones path. The crunching sound of dry twigs resounds with an enhanced pitch in the tranquil surroundings. The impetuous hoots from the nearby trees are terrifying and mixed with the stillness of the night certainly obscure one’s senses, making the heart skip a beat. But, the faint fragrance from the wild flowers around helps to sooth ones petrified senses for awhile. The sounds around soon change as the cacophony of chirping of crickets from deep voids in giant oaks, devours this silence. The giant fire ahead beckons one after such a suspense filled walk through a prodigious forest.
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