Night Wind

Topics: Poetry, Stanza, Rhyme Pages: 4 (1871 words) Published: October 8, 2010
“Night Wind” is a poem about wind engaging the readers by taking them across the universe and describing what the wind is feeling in universe and how much it hates to be alone. In this poem the wind is the main protagonist and the writer himself becomes the narrator describing the actions of the star. The first thing that most of the readers would think when they read the title of this poem is that there will be something scary in this poem as the word “Night” creates negative image in the reader’s mind as most of the poets would use the word “Night” to describe something bad like death but the word “wind” has connotations of calmness, cold and very peace like which is the overall tone of the poem so the title relates to the overall tone of the poem that is calm and longing. The whole poem is written in present tense and is written in first person point of view. The first stanza gives a general introduction in which the poet answers the three most important questions that we get asked when we are going somewhere out just as a wind is blowing outside, Where, when and how. The first 5 lines of the stanza answer the question where. “the wind blows through all the worlds I have known and through all the lives I have led” The words “all the worlds I have known” suggest that the wind blows in the whole universe and it is free to do so as the wind is unstoppable and it is impossible to overcome it, It is a very powerful phrase, this also links to the word “milky way” which also suggests the whole universe. There is a repetition of word “all” in lines 2 and 3 to emphasize that the wind is everywhere he has been. In the fourth line of the stanza, there is a repetition of “the wind blows” which also shows that the poet is trying to emphasize that this is the subject and this is what he is going to talk about throughout the poem. If we look at the structure of line 4-5, although it is one sentence, it is separated into two parts and the fifth line starting with the word...
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