Night Talkers

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  • Published : April 21, 2008
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The poem “Night Talkers” by Edwidge Danticat shows how a man mostly seems to get his feelings out of his childhood when he is talking in his sleep. He shares these same feelings with his aunt, who also talks in her sleep about nightmares. Talking in his sleep, Danny informs us as the readers about issues that have hauntinged him in his past. And what?

After reuniting with his aunt and talking for a bit catching up about what he has been doing for the past few years, his aunt decides that they should go to bed. When he finally drifts off to sleepsleep, he hears his aunt talking in her sleep. Integrate quote "She fell asleep much more quickly than he did. Mid-dream, she laughed, paid compliments, made promises, or gave warnings. Need to cite correctly? "Listen, don't go to far. Come back soon. What a strong baby! I will make you a dress. I'll make you coffee." Then she sat up in her cot to scold herself—"Estina, you are waking the boy"—before drifting once again into the movie in her head" (86). His aunt had fell asleep quickly and had already started dreaming before he really fell asleep. He was listening to her talk in her sleep about things she usually does. She then slightly wakes herself by talking and gets on to herself out loud for thinking she woke him. He is listening to his aunt talk about things she does on a normal basis in her sleep.need more transitional phrases and words He is listening to her talk about things she does for people in her village. By her dreamingdreaming, she is talking in her sleep. Later on in the storystory, he calls her and himself "Night Talkers.". She has so much going on her life that she talks about her daily life in her sleep. The next night when Dany drifts off to sleep, he dreams that he his having a conversation with his aunt about the man who murdered his parents and who burnt their house down. Need to integrate quote . "He dreamed his aunt saying, "Yes this is how it happened," then urging him elaborate on what...
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