Night Portfolio

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  • Published : November 8, 2012
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Night Portfolio

By: Scott Kahler
2nd Hour
November 19, 2010

Figurative Language
1.Simile- “Physically he was as awkward as a clown. (pg.1).” Moshe was compared as a clown because he was a funny guy.
2.Metaphor- “Thousand gates and one gates leading in to the orchard of mystical truth.” This is a metaphor because each gate represents each human being and to never make the mistake of wanting to go into any path but our own. 3.Hyperbole- “There are a thousand and one gates leading into the orchard of mystical truth.(pg.3)” This hyperbole meant that each gate represents each and every human being to never get off track in life. 4.Simile- “And tears, like drops of wax, flowed from his eyes. (pg.5)” This is a simile because he doesn’t have any importance in his life. 5.Simile- “This news spread like wildfire throughout Sighet. (pg.7)” This simile means that everybody was talking about in thus making ‘spread like wildfire’ a simile. 6.Hyperbole- “Soon it was on everyone’s lips. (pg.7)” This hyperbole means that everyone was talking about the Germans. 7.Personification- “Optimism soon arrived. (pg.7)” This is personification because you can’t revive something that is not living. 8.Simile- “Our hearts had been beating more rapidly for some days. (pg.8)” Means that they knew it was going to be hard for them. 9.Simile- “The backyard became like a hall outside an operating room. (pg.10” This is a simile because it comparing how crowded the backyard was. 10.Simile- “Household treasures, valuable carpets, silver candelabra, prayer books, bibles, and other religious articles littered the dust ground beneath a wonderfully blue sky; pathetic object which looked as though they had never been touch.(pg.13)” Means that the household treasures were abandoned. 11.Simile- “By eight o’clock in the morning, weariness like molten lead began to settle in the veins, the limbs, and the brain. (pg.13)” This is a simile because it is talking about weariness is like a molten lead running through the veins. 12.Personification- “In everyone’s eyes were suffering drowned in tears. (pg.14)” This is a personification because the eyes were suffering in tears. Suffering can’t actually be drowned by tears. 13.Personification- “Doors and windows gaped onto the emptiness. (pg.15)” This is personification because it is talking about how the doors and windows were becoming empty of inside of the house. 14.Simile- “Monday passed like a small summer cloud, like a dream in the first daylight hours. (pg.16)”This sentence is a simile because they were talking about how Monday went by fast. 15.Metaphor- “The stars were only sparks of fire which devoured us. (pg.18)” This is sentence is a metaphor because each star is represented the faith. If the fire would die out then so would their faith.

“How avid we were at the moment for one word of confidence, one sentence to say that there were no grounds for fear, that the meeting could not have been more common place, more routine, that it had only been a question of welfare, of sanity arrangements!(pg.1)”

They began their journey without a backward glance at the abandoned streets, the dead, empty houses, the gardens, the tombstones…(pg.14)”When you read this passage you can infer that this is the rising action because it is building up to when they get deported. The second is that you can infer that something bad is going to happen. They wanted to have a little bit of confidence.

This passage is about when they were being deported. The author wanted you to tell you how it looked like, so you could have a clear picture about what it looked like after the deportation. They began their journey to Auschwitz from the town they were before the concentration camps. Ch.2

“ the heat, the thirst, pestilential...
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