Night Letter to Mr Wiesel

Topics: English-language films, Nazi concentration camps, Auschwitz concentration camp Pages: 2 (626 words) Published: December 13, 2012
Dear Mr. Wiesel
I am not sure if you recall who I am. My name is Maria your former servant. I am writing you this letter regarding the offer I made you about having you and your family being able to stay and live with me while the holocaust is going on. I have a safe secret place where you and your family can take refuge at. Don’t worry about needing to supply food and water for your family, I am willing to provide it. The reason that I am offering you this is because you and your family were wonderfully kind to me while I served you. Also if I don’t offer a helping hand I fear that you and your family will go through horrific situations and be separated just as other Jewish families were.

One of the reasons why you, Mr. Wiesel should come live with me and bring your family is because if you don’t one of the first things that will happen to you guys is you will be taken to a concentration camp called Auschwitz. The horror does not even begin there. Before you and your family are taken to Auschwitz, you will be shoved into small kettle karts stuffed with people, not being able to move or use the restroom. Once you get to Auschwitz your family will be separated! If you are lucky you will be able to stay with your son. You can be assured that you will never see your wife or daughter again in your life.

After being separated at Auschwitz, if you and your son do get lucky and be put together you will be taken to a different concentration camp called Buna. If you guys make it to Buna alive it would be truly horrific beyond imagination after that. At Buna there is a lot of child trafficking, your son may just be one of those poor boys to be sexually assaulted or raped and you will be able to do nothing about it. You will be beaten, starved, and they will make you feel like a worthless human being. There are crematoria’s at these concentration camps. The crematoria’s are the worst things there they make you take off all of your...
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