Night Essay (Elie Wiesal)

Topics: The Holocaust, Nazi Germany, Nazism Pages: 2 (672 words) Published: April 14, 2013
23 March 2013
In the book “Night” Elie undergoes many spiritual journeys that explains his views on life. The most noticeable spiritual journey is Elies travel from Buna to Buchenwald by his experiences at the last night in Buna, the forever march, and the final train ride.

Elie describes the last night at Buna as the last night at home. It helps show Elie’s spiritual connections to Buna and to what he has so far experienced in the camp. Many spiritual connections with others have been made while staying in the camp of Buna. For such deep connections it has effected Elie to consider such a horrid place “home.” Many describe it has his spiritual thoughts reevaluating his normal routine into Buna making it a home like mood. As the Russians near the camps the SS are ordered to evacuate the camp and relocate the prisoners inside it. The relocation area of choice is Buchwald. The SS notify the block leaders of the evacuation and the block leaders notify the prisoners and tell them its their last night at Buna. Elie then describes his life being dragged out from one last night. This helps articulate Elies current spiritual mindset when it comes to change. Elie notifies the reader of him not being able to sleep. This proves to the reader of the current mindset that Elie is in.

When the night is over and the sun comes up from the horizon, the SS gives the final order for the prisoners to pack up and begin the march towards Buchenwald. As the shots from the camp can be noticeably louder the SS order the prisoners to run which becomes into full sprint. Elie is unfortunately still wounded on his foot due to the recent sugary performed on it. This helps identify the significance of Elie’s will to survive and stay with his father. Elie remembers his mind being blank and nothing to do but run and keep his legs moving like a mechanical machine. This mindset shows the will to keep going even though he has no idea what his life will come to when he reaches his destination....
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