Night Essay

Topics: The Holocaust, Nazi Germany, Elie Wiesel Pages: 2 (700 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Night Essay

Eliezer was one of the few survivors of the Holocaust and his experience left him thinking what compelled Hitler to do this, what stopped people from helping them? Many people think that hatred is responsible for the events in the book Night, and the Holocaust but in reality indifference was responsible for what happened. The indifferences that were the main causes of the Holocaust were how the Jews felt about the Nazis and God, how the townspeople felt, and how the Jews dealt with the warning signs.

Jews felt ignored and insignificant to the people in town “As we went through the villages, many of the germans stared at us without surprise” (page 43). The germans saw them come and go and it didn't phase them. They didn't care because at least it wasn't them and they don't know much about what was going on but they never questioned it trying to find out either.

“On the way, we met some young german girls. the guards began to tease them. The girls giggled, pleased. they let themselves be kissed and tickled exploding with laughter they were all laughing and joking and shouting blandishments at one another for a good part of the way.” (page 43) The girls were more concerned with the germans and flirting then they were worried about the jews and how they were going to be treated.

Even though the jews had countless warning signs they were indifferent to them. “The russian army's making gigantic strides forward” (page 6). They chose to stay and see what would happen they go and try to save themselves. Eliezer's dad even says himself that he doesn't want to leave because he's too old and didn't want to start over. Then even when they started to have things taken from them “A jew no longer had the right to keep in his house gold, jewels, or any objects of value everything had to be handed into the authorities” (page 8). They didn't question anyone they didn't care all they said was it could get worse. “The yellow star? oh what of it? you...
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