Night Elie Wiesel

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  • Published : July 24, 2008
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Night is a powerful memoir of suffering, inhumanity, death and loss of faith. Discuss. Night is an influential memoir of suffering, inhumanity, death and loss of faith; man’s capacity for evil and dehumanization. Elie, the protagonist, observes and experiences events of negativity with fellow Jews, his father and himself. Although this statement is correct, several other concepts are experienced and observed during his time in the concentration camps. As he meets new and familiar faces, he delivers and receives compassion, concern and humanity from new friends, past members of his Ghetto and his father in the Death Camps. // “They lay dead beside each other, father and son.” Whilst on the voyage to Birrknhow Elie witnessed a father and son fight to the death over a piece of bread. They relied on nothing but animal instinct after such a degree of suffering. During this point of the storyline, many of the stronger members of a family were instantaneously abandoning the weaker, but Elie, instead utilized all his strength to save his father, and suffered as a cost. It represents the reader with a commemoration of bonds between relatives, and the significance of torment in the camps, how many were able to absorb such pain and not retaliate. In spite of the suffering that happens in the camps, Elie remains humane and thinks not of killing his persecutors. “Not of revenge.” // Faith was a powerful issue for countless Jews, several losing it after such suffering while others exercise it to have a means for a tomorrow. Elie sees some lose faith to such a gravitational level that they encompass more belief in one’s killer than one’s savior: “I have more faith in Hitler…” This man of whom Elie meets, has been psychologically grazed to such an intensity, he does not wish to live for another day. This loss of faith can contradictingly symbolizes the value of faith in Elie and other Jews who continue to strive, and how it motivated them to live. Without any faith in...
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