Night by Elie Wiesel Chapter Notes

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  • Published: January 31, 2013
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Family- Sighet Hungary
Elie- only son
Father- well respected Jewish council
Mother- no great detail
3 sisters- Hilda, Bea, Tzipora

Moishe the Beadle works at sinagog
Teacher of Kabbalah
Expelled from Sighet- foreigner Profit presumed dead
Didn’t believe him when he said they were going to die

Couldn’t leave
Yellow stars
Didn’t allow valuables
6pm curfew
couldn’t travel by train
not attend sinagog

Physical + Mental = Cruelty

Stop at Kaschau border of Czechoslovakia
“eyes open, too late”
Didn’t believe that the war would reach them
Too late to escape
Mrs. Schacter- lost her family to first transport
crazed, hysterical, and broken.
Always yelling about fire- foreshadowing

Lie to SS- told to by inmate
Be in same group as father
Show importance- not be cremated

Shave heads
Get numbers- branded
Washed in disinfectant- think Clorax

Elie Changes
Relationship with god
Dad is being hit
Thinking about killing himself

Ironic reaction to beating of father
They were quickly deported after
He will later not stand up for his father
Man who gets soup
Mad that he ends up getting it
All Hungry
Hanging of Pipel
Young, innocent, beautiful
Slow death
People begin to think God is no longer present

Humanity in Chapter 4
Young French girl- gives advice
Allows him to work with father
Give soup to those who are ill
Took hats off when people were hung
Dentist delays appointment

Elie didn’t fast
Lost faith

Advice t pass selection
Run as fast as possible
Don’t be afraid

How does Elie’s father react when name put down
Runs to tell Elie
Gives him a spoon and a knife

What did Akiba ask for
Say Kaddish when he dies
They don’t

Why Elie in Hospital
Foot swell from cold

Why evacuated, those in hospital?
Russian army is coming
Those in hospital are to be killed, aren’t

Those who couldn’t stay up
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