Night and Day

Topics: Sun, Sky, Atmosphere Pages: 2 (581 words) Published: February 20, 2012
January 31, 2012 
Casey Key Beach Day and Night
The beach is filled with sun kissed tans, buckets and shovels under the warmth of the sunlight, while the moonlight brings out the belly dancers, hula hoops and drums. The sound of crashing waves, the smell of the sea air, and fine sand felt between your toes are some of the things night and day time life at Casey Key Beach have in common. During the day you can find beachgoers slathering on that SPF 30, putting up their umbrellas, and kicking back with their cool shades to enjoy the sunny day. Beach chairs blanket the shoreline. You can find families unloading coolers and preparing a grill for the day’s lunch. Fishermen and watersports fun can be seen in the beautiful water surrounding this beach. Colored beach balls, volleyballs and footballs are all part of the fun in the sun. Digging for the largest sharks tooth and creating a master piece sand castle is the goal for the many children enjoying the sweet ocean air. Many people can be seen enjoying the wavy movement of the water under their raft. The sun is bright and warm; the water provides a place for beach lovers to cool off from the heat. When the sun begins to fall; the sky fills with warm summer colors. Beach goers can experience awesome transitions into the night. The atmosphere of the beach begins to take a rhythmic turn into the night sky. Umbrellas come down and the chairs begin to form a large circle in the sand. The sun kissed beachgoer can exchange their bathing suits and wet towels for silk gypsy wear and hula hoops. The sun flashes its final goodbye behind the blue of the water and the sky begins to fill with stars. New beachgoers can be seen unloading picnic baskets and tables for beach dinning. Others can be seen tossing Frisbees with lights. Glowing necklaces’ can be seen as darkness begins cover the once bright sky. The beating of the drums fills the air; tambourines seem to chime in on cue. Dancing has taken the...
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