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Honors Eng II Study Guide for Test on Friday, 2/27/09

1. In what point of view was the book Night written?
A. first personB. second personC. third limitedD. third omniscient

2. What did Elie Wiesel want to study at the beginning of the book? A. beadleB. geometryC. cabbalaD. Russian

3. Who helped Elie with his studies?
A. his fatherC. the Rabbi
B. Moshe the BeadleD. his mother

4. Which of the following was NOT a reason people didn’t believe Moshe’s tale? A. He only wanted pity.C. He was imaginative.
B. He was mad/crazy.D. He was a known liar.

5. Where are the Jews of Sighet first taken after the Germans arrive? A. concentration campsC. Hungarian prison
B. ghettoD. German prison

6. When the Jews of Sighet are deported, how many people are on each train car? A. 12B. 80C. 100D. 120

7. Madame Schatcher’s visions about fire are an example of what? A. foreshadowingC. simile
B. ironyD. metaphor

8. “It was like a page torn from some storybook,” is an example of what? A. foreshadowingC. simile
B. ironyD. metaphor

9. “Everywhere rooms lay open…An open tomb.” This is an example of what? A. foreshadowingC. simile
B. ironyD. metaphor

10. What age is Elie when he reaches Auschwitz?
A. almost 12C. 18
B. almost 15D. 21

11. What age does Elie tell the SS officer he is?
A. 13B. 15C. 18D. 21

12. What occupation does Elie tell the SS officer is?
A. studentB. electricianC. farmerD. philosopher

13. What do the men say as they are approaching the crematory? A. Talmud scripturesC. Bible scriptures
B. KaddishD. cabbala

14. What is Elie’s new name at the camp?
A. EliezerB. A-7713C. C3POD. R2D2

15. What item did the SS extract from the Jews at the camp?
A. inheritanceB. gold keysC. gold teethD. feet

16. Elie prevents the SS from extracting this item by
A. saying he is sickC. saying he has to work
B. saying it was already takenD. extracting it himself

17. What happened to those who broke the rules?
A. hangedB. beatenC. shotD. all of above

18. Whose death symbolizes the loss of Elie’s faith?
A. Juliek, the violinistC. Moshe, the Beadle
B. Akiba DrumerD. the pipel

19. What do the men do to help their chances during selection? A. jumping jacksC. run
B. put on makeupD. wear extra clothing

20. What does Akiba Drumer ask Elie and his father to do for him? A. Stay in the camp.C. Eat his rations.
B. Sleep more.D. Say the Kaddish.

21. Why does Elie go to see the doctor?
A. His foot is infected.C. His tooth aches.
B. His head has been beaten.D. He has been whipped 25 times.

22. Who does the prisoner next to Elie in the hospital say that he trusts the most? A. ElieB. the doctorsC. HitlerD. himself

23. Elie and his father leaving the hospital before it’s liberated is an example of what? A. foreshadowingC. simile
B. ironyD. metaphor

24. How do the prisoners travel to Gleiwitz?
A. trainB. runC. airplaneD. bus

25. What happened to the men who slowed down on the way to Gleiwitz? A. shotB. trampledC. both of the previousD. neither

26. What happened to the men who slept in the snow at the caved-in brick factory? A. shotB. trampledC. diedD. none of the above

27. How many men get on the train car with Elie and his father on the trip to Buchenwald? A. 12B. 80C. 100D. 120

28. How many men get off the train at Buchenwald?
A. 12B. 80C. 100D. 120

29. What was the last word Elie’s father said?
A. MercyB. WaterC. EliezerD. Food

30. What do the liberated prisoners think about after being freed? A. foodB. revengeC. their familiesD. freedom

31. Which of the following is NOT an...
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