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Nettie Brown Final Night Essay (Prompt E.)

Night, a memoir written by Elie Wiesel, recounts his first- hand experience with the Holocaust. After being secluded to ghettos and sent to concentration camps, Elie’s life begins to change. In Night, Elie is challenged with choices whether the outcomes are good or bad and events that make him question what is real or illusion.

News had spread in Sighet, the town where Elie was from, about the Germans coming. One day the German vehicles appeared on the street and, "ANGUISH. German soldiers- with their steel helmets and their death's-head emblem. Still, our first impressions of the Germans were rather reassuring" (Wiesel 9). After seeing the German soldiers, the Jews were still in delusion and were not scared. They did not know what was to come, they were being sent to a ghetto. While in the ghetto, Elie and the other Jews were rudely awaken by the “Hungarian police. People were crying and there was a lot of screaming. Elie describes the police as, "They were the first faces of hell and death" (Wiesel 19). Elie and the other Jews are finally out of denial and know the struggle has just begun. The Hungarian Police were the first people to give the Jews a real scare. In this example of existentialism, Elie now knows what is real. After being sent to Buna, encountered the German officer's assistant. The assistant had an eye on Elie's shoe and said,"I'll give you an extra ration of bread and margarine"(Wiesel 48). The assistant offered Elie a reward for his shoes but Elie replied no. The shoes were the only piece of value he had to hold on to. Later he found out the choice he should have made. After Elie says no he says," Later on they were taken from me just the same. But in exchange for nothing" (Wiesel 48). Elie decision to say no left him with nothing. This shows Elie lives in an unfathomable universe because at the time Elie was only thinking about keeping his shoes, but in...
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