Topics: Mother, Love, Suffering Pages: 2 (773 words) Published: March 3, 2013
“I Love you Dad”
“BOOM”, “CRACKLE”, “POP”; the sound of gunshots rang off in the deep night; cold and unseen people dying everywhere around them, suffering, falling down from exhaustion. Elie kept running, almost running in his sleep. His only assurance that his father was still alive was the fact that he could hear the faint sound of his father’s voice behind him saying “Keep on running, don’t stop we’re almost there.” In the book, Night, Elie and his father are very torn and very distant in their relationship. As the book progresses, Elie and his father realize that they have to depend and rely on each other for everything from support, to love, and confidence. Elie and his family were sent to a concentration camp where they were split up into men and women. “There was no time to think, and I had already felt my father’s hand press against mine; we were alone.” (pg.29) Elie’s father grabbed his hand after they were seperated and that was the last time he ever saw his mother’s and sister’s face. Elie knew that his father and he had to support each other during their “stay” at the concentration camp. “What a shame, a shame that you did not go with your mother… I saw many children your age go with their mothers…” (pg.33) Elie’s father said this because it would have been easier on Elie. Elie and his father had been told that they needed to tell the head of camp that they were 18 and 40, in good health, and could work. Elie had been told horrifying stories of fathers and sons being torn apart and hating each other as time goes on in these camps. Elie knew that if he wanted to survive, that he had to depend on and support his father, even when times got tough. Elie had discovered what it meant to be close with his father and how important it was to be with and love each other. After they had been at the concentration camp for awhile, Elie had realized that talking back and talking out of turn would get you hit, beaten, or killed. “I stood petrified What had...
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