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Elie Wiesel’s Relationship with his Father
In Night by Elie Wiesel, Elie’s and his father’s relationship starts as formal relationship; Elie yearns for a relationship with his dad, but his father gives too much time to his community and too little time to his own family for a relationship to prosper into a true bond. While in Birkenau, Elie remains petrified of the circumstances he undergoes and never even helps his own father, whom he loves with his whole heart, when he needs him most. In the last camp, Buchenwald, Elie truly discoverers how much his father means to him; this specific experience truly defines how much they care for each other and how much Elie works for his father’s wellbeing. Elie’s and his father’s relationship changes during the course of their experiences in the concentration camps; their distant relationship begins in Birkenau where Elie chooses between his own safety or the safety of his father, and the relationship ends with father and son very close in Buchenwald when Elie finally lets his father die and finishes the rest of the journey alone.

The father son relationship between Elie and his father remains distant during the course of Birkenau. When a gypsy strikes his father for no reason, Elie stands there petrified; Elie never even blinks at the sight of his father suffering a beating. Elie, scared about every move he makes in the concentration camp, stays fearful that he possesses a chance of enduring a beating if he makes a wrong decision. Elie unknowingly sets himself on survival mode; Elie knows no other way but to help himself survive and lets nothing, not even his own father, hinder the way of ensuring that he lives. On the contrary, since Elie and his father rely on each other for support in the concentration camps, Elie becomes less selfish and opens himself up to a relationship with his father; Elie sees that his father looks weaker every day, and he gives his father his daily ration of soup. The less selfish Elie seems...
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