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February 10, 2012
Elie Wiesel: Night
The Holocaust changed the lives of many. Those that survived have many horrible stories to tell. Many survivors are too afraid to tell their stories because the horrors that they have seen are far too great for them to overcome. While many Jews were being horribly executed a few stood out from the rest one if these were Elie Wiesel, his journey begins as a young religious boy, and he was 15 at the time of his capture. He was very unique because he had a story to tell in his future. He entered the concentration camp as a very religious young man but soon began to lose his faith during his stay at Auschwitz. He never gave up, he wanted to live, and it was his destiny to survive this nightmare and to live to tell another day. Eli Wiesel tells his survival of the Holocaust in his book. Night, his moving story, touches the hearts of many people who read it, my own experience with the book changed the way I looked at people and life. Elie Wiesel’s life is was during the brink of the beginning of World War II; Hitler ordered that every Jew should begin to wear the yellow Star of David. . (Jewish Virtual Library 20) At times Elie wanted to become a preacher for the Jewish faith. All of that will soon turn against Elie’s faith. When Elie was in the train heading towards the concentration camp, he started to question his faith, if God so loved us why would he cause us to suffer like this if we lived good lives. I can totally see the struggles Elie is going through. We must take into thought that he was a young man, only 15 at this time he was going thru a lot of physical and emotional stages of his teen life.(Jewish Virtual Library) On top of that he has to deal with the Nazi Concentration Camps. So, all of this is going to make Elie very confused in his faith. Elie’s mentor and role model as I said before was Moshe the Beadle he says he finds God with Moshe words towards God.

While Elie saw a group of Jews praying, Elie thought...

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