Niggers in China

Topics: Fuck, Motherfucker, Profanity Pages: 2 (539 words) Published: December 5, 2012
Twas the night before Christmas
And all through the Phi Tau, only Crouch was awake,
Trying on bras
The porch is all quiet, the members asleep
Joe Britt awake, counting cows, not sheep
The sound of porn echoed the halls
Elliot’s beating off, with jesus cupping his balls
Slithering around is Folger the snake
With giggling Petty, trying to get baked
The stockings were hanging for all to see
Nate Johns was counting them, like “1, 2, 3….”
Kainoa told Parker all about those dicks,
So he left the room to suck his girlfriends prick.
Cory was crawling from room to room
While Maninder was making a bomb, KaBOOM!
Axel was out, getting bleached at the mall
While Jade kept complaining about nothing at all
Sam Hering slept quietly alone in his bed
With dreams of a 15 year old giving him head
Ask Hunter about that tridelt pussy he wrecked
The next girl he fucked had better get checked, hey agnew… The house stinks from front to back
Did Crizz move back in, oh wait its just zack
Walking the halls is our freshman devin
The first kid I know to go to college at age seven
Get the helmet for omar, if he seems kinda drunk
And eric thinks of morgan while touching his junk
When will needs new clothes walking through our pad
Just throw him a phone so he can call his dad
You’ve just seen a ghost if you see Tom in the house
And make sure you get fritz if you happen to see a mouse
Theres Clint and Sam Jones fucking in the ass
Fuck you Oregon, pump your own gas
Cumflipper in the chapter room, practicing late
And Helsing was setting out vampire bait
Rohrbach played COD, trying to prestige
But Boris killed him, so he dropped like cole and beej
In the kitchen there’s chase, our new freshman ass,
Someone’s gotta have aids in every pledge class
Up on exec are party and juice
If fun was person, he’d be hung with a noose
David Harris thinks he’s a player, that’s no doubt,
But deb’s lunch came back up when he tried to make out
Ben thought he got lucky, for...
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