Nigerian Women in Nation Building

Topics: Woman, Nigeria, Women's suffrage Pages: 6 (2173 words) Published: January 17, 2013
Most times, the Nigerian woman is denied her right to womanhood and her dignity but nature made it that a woman holds the highest office in the nature and nurture of man though this is often negated by those men who think women are subservience to them. Women, just like men are created by God in His own image and likeness. That is to say, that they too are endowed with wisdom and knowledge, which men claim to be exclusively theirs. It is for this reason that men, have dominated the world at times, by force thereby, excluding women from nation building and development. Can these men really be afraid? And out of fear cling to power as if it is their prerogative and women have no say or place in it. Well, once a women is sold out in an early marriage, hers is ended as she is left with no other option but to bear children and take care of the home which most times is left ungovernable for her by her fellow women in the likes of her mother in-law and sisters in-law more so, if she fails to bear the desired children. That notwithstanding, when a woman has the opportunity to perform other tasks, she performs them excellently. Existing literatures suggest that even the less educated African woman is more pushy than her more educated counterpart who clings to her husband when it comes to taking charge of situations. WOMEN AS SEEN BY OTHERS:

It is rather unfortunate that in spite of the tremendous roles played by women in the development of the nation, some people still believe that they are better seen than heard. However, the popular saying that “what a man can do a woman can do better” remains a reality and for this singular fact, the male faction are afraid of defeat hence their struggle for dominance. The little chances given to women so far, has proven them to be made of sterner stuff than their male counterparts. Women have always been able to manage their families at times, without the help of their husbands who still see them as weaker sex but the fact still remains that if you train a woman, you train a nation and this saying goes a long way to show the importance and relevance of women in the society. Because the woman is regarded the home maker, whenever the home is stable the credit goes to the woman who supervises the day to day running of the home by taking care of the children from birth to adulthood while still doing other house chores. It becomes imperative therefore, that the woman helps mould the character of the children as they grow. The husband is not left out of this as the good and cheerful disposition of the man in public or office is attributed to the peace and tranquility he enjoys at home as a result of the woman’s care and love. Sometimes, when the home front is not so rosy, the woman is also, blamed since it is believed that the place of the woman is in the home as a facilitator of domestic activities or as an agent of procreation and for this, it was equally believed that the woman cannot make any meaningful contribution to the growth or development of the community and as such, the development of the country will be much too big for her. Nigeria like in most other African nations, culture and tradition relegated the woman to the background, only recognizing her as a second class citizen who can neither positively impact nor contribute to the growth of the nation and as such, the women is usually not recognize as a member of a family because from her father’s house, she goes to her husband’s where she is equally not seen as a member of either. Most times in this case, the woman is disinherited as a daughter and as a wife. She has no legal claim to her father’s or husband’s property; at times, she’s deprived her right to vote and be voted for hence the limited number of women in elective positions. The woman bears the brunt when her husband dies especially if he is wealthy, she definitely killed to take possession of his money therefore, must be made...
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