Nigeria Secondary School Record Keeping

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* Records room only opened during office hour.
* Only the authorized person can enter to the records room. * Every person unauthorized person that enter the record center should have visitor pass and record their in out from the record center. * When the employees want to look their records, the authorized person must sit together with them. * The records room must be clean in all the times.

* All staff not allow to smoke, eat and drink in the records room. * When the records going to disposal, the authorized person must get permission from the this company. * Top secret and secret record area cannot be enter any people that did not have the permission. MANAGE THE RECORD

Creation or Receipt the Records
* To create a record, the Head of Department will marked the records with logo company and also stated the department that produce the records. The Head of Department also stated the officials or the responsible who create the records. * The creation of the records should established reference and the title of the records. Besides that, the records will determine with safety levels and registered according to security levels. * The records will distribute based on their goals accordance with its security levels and must be registered. Filing the records

A new file should be opened when;
* A new subject areas within the administrative process. * Relevant documents need to be filed.
* An existing subject subdivides into new discrete subjects. * New subjects needs anew files or subtile.

Special Format of Record
The Elegent Techno Sdn. Bhd. is a construction company that also have special type of record such as maps,plan and engineering drawings. All of the special format of this record are not in A4 size. This record have been preserve in special form to make sure it can be preserve in long term. This record will be keep in :-

a) Maps – cupboard tube
b) Engineering drawing – cupboard tube...
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