Nigeria Boko Haram as Politicalcrises No Religion Crises

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  • Published: August 31, 2012
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Being a paper presented at the Right thinking political forum 23rd July, 2012.

Theme: Socio-Political Conflict what nest in Nigeria

Religious violence in Nigeria is a major potential threat to the sustainability of democracy especially under this democratic dispensation. Most of these violence are tied to the imbalances in the amalgamation of different Nigerian peoples by the British colonial masters which later resulted in the division of the country along North/South, Muslim / Christian, Indigene / settler lines, etc. In an attempt to gain the upper hand, different peoples have been set against one another and this has led to series of terrorist attacks across the nation where many lives were lost, other thousands displaced and inestimable properties destroyed. This paper however discusses religious terrorism and survival of democracy in Nigeria- Book Haram Experience. It employs analytical approach as its research method and makes use of written records such as books, journals, magazines and newspapers as sources of its information. The paper concludes by recommending among all that economic problem such as poverty, unemployment, e.t.c among people, most especially in the north be resolved; peaceful, religious dialogue embraced by adherents of different religions; all democratic principles strongly recognized and respected; and our political elites re-orientated not to hide in religious crises to have their political ambitions fulfilled.

Nigeria is challenged as never before in providing for the security of her citizens. It should be emphasized that the trend of violence most especially religious ones in Nigeria under this latest democratic dispensation is a paradox, especially when viewed from the fact that democracy is supposed to curb violence in all...
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