Nielsen Media Research

Topics: Strategy, Nielsen ratings, Problem solving Pages: 2 (380 words) Published: April 2, 2012
Nielsen Media Research
1-) In this case, Nielsen has problems in strategic , tactical , and operational goals and plans. In the strategic goal, the company should define the organizational activities and resources such as computers and technical staff. They need more computers and softwares to help the company to solve the problems on time. If they can do that, they can satisfy the customers’ need. After strategic goals and plans, the next step is to define tactical goals. In this case, Nielsen’s corporation should have monitored the division’s plan timely. Another thing, Nielsen Corporation didn’t have enough and good equipments in order to measure the TV ratings as soon as possible. Nielsen failed in operational plans and goals because they have quality problems by setting computer and human resources to meet needs. As a result, Nielsen Corporation needs to find the best way to solve the problems that they are facing now. They should use the old plan or find a new plan which can help them to reach their goals efficiently, and the best feedback. In addition, the company needs to update the information about deadlines to solve the problems.

2-) In my opinion, the strategy map may cause the efficient result for the Nielsen Corporation. As the definition, strategy map is a visual representation of the organization’s success. Because the strategy map shows how to achieve specific goals and plans. In this case, since the goals weren’t reached, the strategy map is very important to identify issues or area. This approach will help companies to repair problems effectively and immediately. In addition, the strategic choice of companies needs to be done through programs and procedures that will encourage employees to achieve its goals. 

3-) If I were David, I would identify the problems that the company is facing as soon as possible. After identifying the crisis, I need to find the best way to reduce the damage for the company. I would have a meeting to...
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