Nicotine and Cigarettes

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The price of the cigarettes here in the Philippines is one of the cheapest cigarettes worldwide based on my research, making it affordable to buy in many types of lifestyle whether you’re poor, average or rich. The number of people having diseases because of cigarettes kept increasing that causes death; the government by then, sin tax law has been approved by Benigno Aquino III – Philippines President as the answer for the increasing number of youth smokers, diseases and death. The purpose of this paper is to measure the effects of cigarettes prices upon youths who demand for it by using qualitative research on three (3) students of Lyceum of the Philippines – Laguna.

The results is confirmed that the higher the price the decrease in number of youth smoking in the Lyceum of the Philippines - Laguna which is a great asset in the government to provide more revenues for the health care programs; the lower the price, the increase in number of youth smoking with its consequences. But there are still instances that some youth smokers is still addicted to cigarettes making them push hard to avail the cigarettes even the number of sticks/day decrease, what’s more important for them is they could smoke. Another is most smokers are price sensitive and they tend to seek out measures to purchase less expensive cigarettes, which may decrease future cessation efforts.


Smoking is one of the alarming issues in the Philippines which are now recognized as number one smoking country in Southeast Asia because of its cheap price of cigarettes. In line with this, the number of teenage smokers is rising, And probably a lot of students including Lyceum of the Philippines – Laguna got affected by cigarette smoking; some youth tend to use cigarettes for the first time during high school years without fully aware of the health consequences of smoking; A lot of them failed to stop smoking because of the addiction of cigarettes even sometimes they still assume that they can stop someday.

The Sin Tax Law has been signed by President Benigno Aquino III on 20th of December 2011, which aims to make health benefits available for all, and raise additional revenues. The large part of the revenues would go to the government’s health care programs.

The most significant anti smoking policies are smoke-free zones such as schools, cinemas etc., laws restricting access of minors to cigarettes, advertising, and promotion restrictions on cigarette products.


Questions of the topic:

1. How/When did you start smoking cigarettes?
2. How do you manage your allowance since you have cigarettes vices? 3. Since the Sin Tax reform bill has been implemented, what can you say about it? Are you going to quit smoking or still using cigarettes though the price is high?

This research aim to focus on the Lyceum of the Philippines - Laguna students if whether they got affected by the cigarette prices or not. This topic also focuses to the reaction of the students of the Sin Tax Law. In line with this, we all know that smoking is proven hazard to health and associated to over 40 diseases worldwide; all smokers know about it, it’s addictive because of its powerful drug called nicotine. This means smokers start to make a mental relationship between the act of smoking and start feeling good; and as they continue practicing it they start to admire the taste of cigarettes or the feeling of smoking. Based on psychological study, youth and students start to smoke because they see people all around them doing the same thing; even in social media. If their friends smoke, they may feel pressured to do the same thing to feel accepted in the group; another is the excitement of experiencing something that is forbidden.

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