Nicomachean Ethics

Topics: Friendship, Virtue, Nicomachean Ethics Pages: 3 (866 words) Published: December 7, 2010
The Not-so-Perfect Companion Friendship
Friendship is a characteristic, a goal, a desire, in which all human beings strive to attain, for as Aristotle said, “Without friendship, no on would choose to live.” According to Aristotle’s Book VIII of Nicomachean Ethics, no virtuous person and vicious person can share the most prefect kind of friend ship –that being companion friendship –together. Although his claim is nearly satisfactory due to appropriate evidence, I find his conception misleading and ignorant. To reveal this point, I will defend some efficient points within Book VIII, but ultimately object that any one person (good or vicious) can attain a companion friendship with one another.

Aristotle states that a perfect friendship is rare, thus it takes time and patience to properly form. If this is the case, then anyone can become friends with anyone else if time is provided. To further explain, a virtuous person and vicious person may or may not have the shallow resemblances of friendship at first, but if they must be together or depend on each other, they can in time find common ground. If all human beings have an ultimate goal to reach the highest of goods –that being happiness –and friendship is a state of happiness, then even a vicious person can transform and mature into a person of new virtue and good. To further defend my point, if two men, alike or unalike, must live together, there will be wishes for immediate friendship and also conflict, for no human is programmed to be perfect. And if Aristotle’s claim that “men cannot know each other until they have eaten salt together,” then he is contradicting himself that only like men can find perfect friendship. If a virtuous person and a vicious person “eat salt together” they can then know each other, share experiences together, and unintentionally accept their rare and unique friendship. Alike men can do this as well, but not simply from both being alike. Therefore, any man can in time produce an...
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