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Topics: Management, Project management, Construction Pages: 9 (2830 words) Published: November 17, 2012
1. Name-
2. Course- NCP 22
3. Course Title- Construction Personnel Management
4. Assignment No.- One
You are a Project Manager on site where work for 3 km. long tunnel has been undertaken. The site is remote and takes about 2 days to travel to nearest town. Supervisors, technicians, and skilled workers are engaged in dangerous / hazardous work. Absenteeism due to sickness, quarrels, drinking is adding to less output of work and chances of accidents on site are increasing. Management has urged to do something so that time targets can be achieved. Discuss how will you tackle the problem and increase the output of work. Solution:-

Introduction of the main problems-
1. Absenteeism due to sickness
2. Absenteeism due to quarrels and drinking
3. Accidents at site
4. Technical problems
Reasons of various problems-
* Lack of Manpower Management (or) Planning
* Un-hygienic surroundings and temporary accommodation
* Lack of medication
* Consumption of alcohol
* Availability of alcohol
* Storage of materials
* Roof spalling
* Water seepage
Needs and their fulfillment on site-
* Lack of Manpower Management (or) Planning:
Prepare a proper schedule of the project and assign resources to each task i.e. each activity, assigning resources means identify manpower required for each task and what is the availability of manpower and how much work has been done till date and how much work is to be done. Identify type of manpower required i.e. skilled (or) unskilled. If manpower is inadequate then try to get more manpower or try to use the available manpower fully so as to complete maximum amount of work and try to complete the urgent works such that it does not affect our project duration. Reschedule the project and send updated schedule to head office and inform them weekly work progress so that they can help you overcome manpower problem (or) try to motivate the available manpower by giving extra benefits if they complete the project in time. If manpower is less then immediately inform the head office so that they can send some more manpower so that the project can run smoothly.

* Suggestions and Recommendation to Management on Manpower Management (or) Planning: Management planning involves a few steps, if the Management and Project Manager follow these steps there will be no problem due to manpower in the project. The tunnel project is a large project with large number of manpower involved in it and at different levels. The management has to monitor whether all are working properly or not, if not then they have to make some other arrangement and try to motivate the manpower so that the project can progress smoothly. Following are the steps: * Understand the project in all respects and get all the details of the project i.e. Site conditions, Contract conditions, Technical specifications, Construction techniques, and Time frame. * Working out the labor component in various parameters of the project by using constants to work out labor requirement. * Classifying and categorizing labor requirements and various jobs by level of skill, responsibility, nature of work, etc. * Determine the duration of each job or task at every stage of the project. * Estimate the manpower required taking into view absenteeism, labor turnover and stability factor. Manpower Management has some principles that should be known by the Project Manager and the Management of the Company. The principles are as follows- * Care and skill should be exercised in the selection of employees. * Introduction to the job should be friendly, skillful and adequate. * Each employee should be made to feel that his efforts are really appreciated. * Consideration should be given to the effect that each rule and instruction may have on the feelings of the employees. * Employees should have a part in planning those things that affect their working conditions. *...
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