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Management in Organization

NCP 21


Date: 12/4/2011
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Mohammed Zaki Mateen


The present project deals with the construction of a housing colony for an industrial group to be located in Western Maharashtra in a Costal belt. We have to construct a colony consisting of 10 bungalows for senior executives, 20 apartments in five buildings, 100 dwellings for white collar workers and 300 dwellings for blue collared workers. It is also proposed to construct a market and entertainment complex.

Scope of Work:

The project is development of an urban housing colony in Western Maharashtra on the costal belt; comprising of 10 bungalow’s for senior executives, 20 apartments in five buildings, 100 dwellings for white collar workers and 300 dwellings for blue collared workers with a market and entertainment complex.

The work of the project includes complete structural and civil works, architectural, internal and external finishes including aluminum works, glazing, cladding systems, service equipment’s, electromechanical and associated works. Site external work like soft and hard landscaping is also included.

The scope also includes testing, adjusting, balancing, commissioning and handing over. Tests on completion, remedying of defects during contract period and provision of spare parts, warrants and bonds all this come under the scope of the project.

Project Organization

The purpose of the project is to construct a good architectural structure using bare minimum of personnel and high quality of resources, keeping in mind the time for completion as given in the contract.

To achieve the proposed project on time it is important to have a good management. The project has to be managed with adequate planned resources for executing contract requirements to ensure completion on time. The site organization chart and detailed manpower histogram to be maintained currently by the project manager and planning engineer. Functional responsibilities are to be defined for each department. Project manager is responsible for overall implementation of project management system. Provision of resources:

The head of the organization will ensure that all resources required for successful execution are provided with in the time frame. These resources include manpower, equipment, site facilities, Computers, Lighting, tools, storage space, personal equipment, personal protection equipment’s, instruments and machinery. The construction organization intends to execute the project, which consists of a team that is competent, highly motivated and qualified personnel. Human Resources:

Only competent personal with sufficient experience and/or potential will be utilized on the project site. Regular training session following the initial induction training will be conducted on site to keep the personnel continuously aware of the project specific quality, safety and environment. Attached project organization chart outlines the main functions of the project and reporting lines.


Functional Responsibility
Functional Responsibility

Functional responsibilities of the organization are stated below: a. Safety Management: The functional responsibilities of the safety department are mainly, system installation and implementation. Performing site inspections, and dealing with system induction. It is also the responsibility of the safety department to provide training for the use of safety toolbox. One of the important works undertaken by the safety department is investigating and reporting of accidents at the site. They perform site safety audits and meetings. They are responsible for analyizing and managing of risk’s involved at the site. They provide first aid to all the workers and...
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