Nick Names Formation in Lendang Nangka Sasak Menu-Mene Varity and Arabic Languages

Topics: Personal name, Family name, Given name Pages: 33 (9742 words) Published: April 22, 2013

A Research Writting
An NT Language and Culture Final Assignment

Lecturer : Dr. Kamaludin Yusra

By Samsul Bahri/12J012060/A


I would like to express my gratefull and appreciation to my honourable lecturer Dr. Kamaludin Yusra, who would like to wait patiently for months for a word from me, then respond sympatically and constsructively within days.

This assigment is written to accomplish a final task for Nusa Tenggara Languages Culture and Contact. I am interested to focus my study on Sasak varity nicknames formation as I found them important points to discuss to defining how nicknames in Sasak varity language are formed. So far I found it is hard to do this as the previous research for this merely. I tried hard to focus this research because lack of academic writting background knowledge and references. These are my become obstacles to do this research writting. But this first experience I hope will be my best teacher to do better in the future.

I am afraid there are some mistakes in this simple research proposal, I do hope there will be some suggestions to make it better.

Samsul Bahri



A. Introduction1
B. Research Questions3
C. Review of Literarture3
D. Research Methodology10
* Population10
* Sample11
* Data Collection11
* Data Analysis11
E. Discussion 11
F. Conclussion55


Nick Names Formation in Lendang Nangka Sasak Menu-mene Varity and Arabic Languages

This research paper discussed about nicknames formation in LendangNangka Sasak meno-mene dialect and Arabic nicnames. Most of sasak names are influenced by Arabic names as Islam is predominantly religion for Lendang Nangka village inhabitats. As names is identity of a person its has very strategic role for human being. Naming custom varies greatly from people to people. Terms relates personal names such as personal name, family names, given names and Nick name. The nicknames formation in some cases similar to Arabic language. In Lendang Nangka Sasak meno-mene language. The meaning of Nicknames also has it own place in the dialect. A nickname is usually familiar or humorous but sometimes pointed or cruel name given to a person or place . Nicknames formations in the dialect through process of truncation (shortened), phonological process(replacing a stressed vowel and a consonant), psychical characteristic and attributes. Nicknames also related to close friend and social solidarity. While in Arabic nicknames formation has its own way to form it. This research uses descriptive research methodology. The method used in this research is descriptive method. The goal of this research is to describe ​​the formation, structure and meaning of the names in Lendang Nangka Sasak meno-mene varity language and Arabic. The population of this research the inhabitants of Lendang Nangka village. This reserach studies about the personal names and nicknames. There are 6357 names. The data are gained from primary and secondary sources.

Keywords: Sasak varity, Arabic, Personal Names, Nicknames, formation, truncation, phonological, Physical Characteristic, Lendang Nangka, menu-mene dialect.

A. Introduction
A name is inseparable circumstance to human being, place or thing. A name is a word or term used for identification. Names can identify a class or category of things, or a single thing, either uniquely, or within a given context. A personal name identifies a specific unique and identifiable individual person. Though Indonesia is home to many diverse ethnic groups and languages. Those exaggerated the varies greatly between these groups in names. The dominant ethnic group is the Malay people (whose languages include...
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