Nick Knight

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“Photography is dead”

Mr. Knight is not fearful of change. Quite the opposite. He seems to thrive on it.
“I think photography is dead,” he said, reflecting on the medium’s inability to evolve. “Film died some years ago. I don’t miss it,” he added without any trace of nostalgia. “None of my children read magazines. Fashion will be shaped by the Internet.


“The evening began with a look back at Mr. Knight’s early days and the source of the tireless, forward-looking energy that has defined his career. “Ever since I started in photography I wanted to change it,” he said, “Every waking hour I would take photographs. It quickly became an addiction.” []

This essay is about the inspiring fashion photographer Nick Knight and how contemporary and influential his work is, talking about his past work and his transition into moving image and fashion film.

“I first picked up a camera in about 1957 it was a family camera and the real reason I did it was because I wanted to photograph girls. I liked girls – it sounds really dumb but then so did Jacques Henri Lartigue.” – Nick Knight []

Nick Knight believes the word fashionable should not exist in an interview in ‘The Independent’ he states “it’s elitist, non inclusive, divisive, and I don’t think people can say, ‘this is fashion and this is not’. Things are desirable to people at different times.” [The Independent Sept.24.2011 Pg7]

Nick Knight was born in Chiswick, London, on the 24th November 1958. His father was a psychologist and his mother a physiotherapist. He is a multi award winning fashion photographer and director. He has many clients including Vogue, Alexander McQueen, John Galliano, and he has directed music videos for Lady Gaga and Bjork. He is the director and founder of and lives in Richmond with his wife Charlotte and their three children, Emily, Ella and Callum. Most probably taking the path into science led by his mother and father he attended a biology degree but it wasn’t before long that he realised this was not for him and dropped out. He then found his self at Bournemouth & Poole College of Art & Design. Even after six months in art school he was getting jobs from magazines such as New Musical Express to take images of musicians on the scene. In 1980 someone suggested he speak to Terry Jones. Terry Jones had a new project, a magazine called i-D. Knight’s introduction to i-D would prove important for his growing reputation and career. I-D was one of Knight’s primary clients and through this magazine it resulted in him getting noticed by Marc Ascoli, who asked Knight to collaborate with him on advertising campaigns for Yohji Yamamoto’s clothing collection. “The most impressive fashion photos around have Marc somewhere behind them,” says Knight [Amy Barasch Holly Stuart Hughes Source: Photo District News. 11.8 July 1991):p1]

In November 2000, Knight launched a website an online live site that showcases fashion media. An assortment of interviews, blogs, videos and photographers. It was one of the first websites to broadcast live from catwalk shows and fashion shoots, and offers access to the previously closed world of high fashion. Nick Knight’s wife Charlotte Knight is Executive Producer of SHOWstudio, she over sees the production of the projects from planning to post-production elements.

Skinhead 1980
This image taken from Nick Knight’s first book ‘skin head’ published in 1982, during the making, which was at the height of the second generation of skinheads. By the time the book was released all the London’s pubs and clubs had firmly shut their doors to skinheads and as Nick Knight started the book “The Last Resort” the last place for them to hang out had shut down too.

This book was a way to see how the skinhead had come and evolved and grew out in fashion. There are lots of points of view and in fact there were many...
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