Nick Jr. and Gatsby S Attire

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  • Published : July 25, 2011
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Chapter Five
1| What is Gatsby doing at two in the morning? What is his real intention?Lighting up his house so that it can be seen across the bay| 2| Gatsby doesn’t want to put Nick to any trouble. What does this tell you about him?Gatsby is conscience of his friends doing| 3| What does Gatsby suggest in order to try to help Nick with his financial state?That he work with him on a business deal| 4| What does Gatsby do to Nick’s home to prepare for his tea with Daisy?He sends a man to cut his grass and fills his place with flowers| 5| What colors make up Gatsby’s attire? What do these colors symbolize?White, silver, and gold symbolizing money/wealth (the white is like platinum)| 6| What is Gatsby’s emotional state prior to Daisy’s arrival at Nick’s?He is extremely nervous| 7| What surprises Nick on his reentry into his living room?Gatsby is gone| 8| What description does Nick give of Gatsby standing at his door?Pale as death| 9| What is the atmosphere in the room when Daisy and Gatsby first reunite?Still and quiet and very, very awkward | 10| What change occurs in Daisy’s character?Decision time| 11| What does Gatsby first believe about the arranged meeting?That it’s terrible mistake and is going horribly| 12| Rain is an important symbol in literature. What could it signify in chapter five?Sadness, depression, a hostile world| 13| What, according to Nick, are Americans occasionally willing to be? willing to be serfs, have always been obstinate about being peasantry| 14| What change has occurred in Gatsby upon Nicks reentering the house?The feeling of tension and embarrassment had died away| 15| Why is it important that Daisy see Gatsby’s house?To show daisy that he was very wealthy and could provde for her materially. That’s why he lost her in the first place: he was not wealthy enough for her and Tom was and now Gatbsy wants to show her he is as wealthy as Tom if not wealthier.| 16| How does Gatsby contradict his...
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