Nick Carraway from Great Gatsby

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  • Published : August 10, 2010
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Is he a reliable narrator? What factors contribute to his perspective of what has taken place so far? Is he a character with which it is possible to empathise and trust? Nick Carraway, the narrator of 'The Great Gatsby', is introduced in a certain way by Fitzgerald in order to gain trust from the reader. He is shown to be looking back at time and explaining the events that have taken place. Therefore, this trust must be gained as time can askew facts and opinions; the reader must be able to empathise with the narrator and so be able to believe the judgments which he gives. Fitzgerald starts by explaining Nick's character in the first chapter. He is said to be able to reserve all judgments in order not to misinterpret other people. This is a necessary quality as it shows that his judgments are given after considerable thought and so must be accurate. His tolerance is also boasted in order to make sure that readers do not think him as a biased narrator. Fitzgerald is also quite subtle in upholding Nick's intellectual personality by starting with the phrase 'in my younger and more vulnerable years' which suggests that he has matured now. However, in order to make him seem real, he has also included the fact that his tolerance 'has a limit'. This whole introduction tries to gain trust in the reader by explaining which characteristics make Nick a reliable narrator. Furthermore, Nick is described to have a family from a 'prominent, well-to-do people...'. He has been educated at 'New Haven' university as has his father. All this suggest he is knowledgeable and has been brought up in a good environment. This may give a reason to why he has a higher sense of morality than most other people. All this gives the impression that he is well educated and so well informed as well as reliable in his judgments. The background on his life helps establish the relationship with the reader. Moreover, he tries to distance himself from what is occurring in the book by focussing on the...
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