Nick's Perspective About Gatsby (the Great Gatsby)

Topics: F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby Pages: 2 (573 words) Published: April 23, 2011
Nick’s Perspective About Gatsby
In the Great Gatsby by Scott Fitzgerald Jay Gatsby represents the American Dream through Nick’s eyes, which is the belief that any person can rise to success no matter from where they came from. Nick doesn’t approve of Gatsby’s lifestyle and the way he earns his money however, he thinks he is superior of those who surround him. Nick also admires the hope that motivates Gatsby to pursue his dreams even though his hopes of being happy with Daisy are deteriorating before his own eyes. Everything Gatsby has done in his life has been with the purpose of fulfilling the most unrealistic dream which was to recuperate the past.

Nick makes it very clear in the novel that he does not agree with the way Gatsby earns his money. Nick comes from a rich family and he was taught to work hard for his money. However, Nick finds himself admiring Gatsby and thinks that he is superior of those who surround him for rich people often use their money to get everything they always wanted; on the other hand, Gatsby is generous because he use his money to get everything he thinks Daisy always wanted in hopes of winning her back. Gatsby believes in the possibility of a romance and even though this possibility is based on material things like expensive cars, clothes and parties, Gatsby is motivated by the love of Daisy.

Nick admires Gatsby’s hope that motivates him to pursue his dream of winning Daisy back. When Gatsby founds out that Daisy lived on East Egg, he bought a house on West Egg so that he could be directly across the bay from her. Money was the only thing that prevented them from being together, and so Gatsby made sure he would never be without it. All parties and luxuries were used to try to impress Daisy and they were also part of his dream that he would finally win Daisy back.

Nick thought that Gatsby’s greatness was a result of his naïve belief that he could make his dream a reality. Gatsby is convinced that he can make everything like it...
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