Nicholas Sparks - Dear John

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  • Published : October 14, 2010
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Nicholas Sparks
Dear John

Nicholas Charles Sparks was born on December 31, 1965, in Omaha, Nebraska. He was the middle of three children. He is an internationally-bestselling American novelist, screenwriter and one of the world's most loved authors. He has 15 published novels, with themes that include Christian faith, love, tragedy and fate. Six have been adapted to film.

One of his most well-known and most heartbreaking lovestory is Dear John. It was published in 2010. At the center of the novel is John Tyree, a bad-boy turned good. He was born in 1977 and grew up with his father in Wilmington. He had an unusual relationship with his father as they never really got on except for when his father talked about his coins. His father lived life by a strict routine and never remarried after his wife left him. They never found anything to talk about when John grew out of coins and so lived in the same house but different lives. Their relationship can be described as one being estranged. After John dropped out of school, he spent his time going from job to job and living on the beach surfing or in the bars. Not knowing what else to do with his life, he enlisted in the Army. While on leave from the Army, he met Savannah. They met on the beach, when John saved her bag which dropped into the water. She was very thankful and invited him for dinner. She was staying in one of the shoreline houses with a group of other college people who were there for the summer to build houses for needy families. Her biggest dream was to open a riding centre and help autist children. John and Savannah spent the whole of 2 weeks of John’s holiday together and met eachothers parents. Savannah and John were so in love with each other that they decided to keep their relationship going after he left to Germany. Savannah wrote a letter to John, starting ’Dear John’ and they kept writing letter to eachother. John wanted to quit his job, but the terrorist attack of the 11th of...
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