Nicholas Sparks

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Nicholas Sparks
It’s been almost a decade now that Nicholas Sparks has been writing love stories. He writes love stories and each tale of finding love differs, but each tale is a structure that is worth noting Nicholas Sparks is a truly inspiring writer. His mom was the first to suggest he write a book, while trying to heal his Achilles tendon during college. Eight weeks later he wrote his first book “The Passing,” although it did not publish. Nicholas graduated with honors and a degree in Business Finance. After marrying his wife, and his mother dying from a horseback incident; he wrote another novel called “The Royal Murders.” Although it was his third novel that gained him his success. He began writing “The Notebook.” It was published and it blew him away. He sold the film rights shortly after publication. Soon after “The Notebook,” came “Message in a Bottle”. It also sold films rights to Warner Brothers. Nicholas Sparks’ novels deal with themes of love, relationships, commitment, or tragedy.

At times his novels can represent more than one of these themes. For example in “Nights in Rodanthe,” the story line is passionate and memorable from beginning to end. Some deal with short-lived romances, his writing enables him to smooth tragedy’s and demonstrate the theme of love as well as tragedy. Other novels that demonstrate love are, “Message in a Bottle,” “A Walk to Remember,” and “The Notebook.” In “The Notebook,” true love is shown as something that hits you like a rock, it’s something you can’t live without once you’ve found it; it’s an addiction.

Since time has aged Mr. Sparks began to write a screenplay called “The Last Song.” The movie, which starred Miley Cyrus, became a teen sensation in 2009. People loved the movie so much; it was the first time that Nicholas had based his book on a movie. Nicholas uses his stories to examine themes of life, such as love; although I have personally read a few of his books and watched most of all his movies. I...
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