Nicholas Sparks

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Nicholas Sparks is one of the world’s beloved writer and storyteller. He has written many great books that have been great stories and have landed themselves on the New York Times bestseller list. He has sold over 80 million copies worldwide. All of his books can be found in a variety of different languages. As a younger writer he has many years to create many more great books. People love how they can lose themselves in his stories and become so captivated by his eye for detail. Nicholas writes his stories with great detail and uses a lot of imagery. He is best known for his deep, touching romances. Nicholas pulls the soft side out in everyone that reads his books.

The fact that Nicholas uses is great writing skills to create books that will make you lose yourself and make you use your imagination. The way that he uses imagery makes you want to place yourself in the shoes of the character. Most of his books take place in North Carolina, which is where he grew up and spent his life. When he describes things so in detail he will make you feel like you are actually standing on a beach in North Carolina and you can smell the salt water in the air and the ocean breeze hitting your face. He really makes your imagination soar and free. It makes you feel safe and that nothing bad will ever happen to you. Nicholas also writes books that are really sensitive and does end in a tragedy, but you feel the pain when the characters are in pain and will sometimes bring you to tears.

Nicholas really didn’t do much writing during his younger years. In fact, he actually went to college to run track and was a great track athlete. It wasn’t until he was injured doing a meet and he took sometime to recover was when he wrote his first novel. After he wrote his first book he fell in love with writing and wanted to continue writing and he wanted to capture the readers imagination and become connected to the reader.

There was one time in Nicholas’s life that he was struggling hard...
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