Nice Work-Roberta Penrose

Topics: Confidence, Woman, Love Pages: 2 (623 words) Published: December 27, 2011
Roberta Ann Penrose:

Another main character is Robyn Penrose 33 years old, a temporary English lecturer at the University of Rummidge. She is a specialist of the 19th century industrial novel and the role of women in literature. She was born in Australia and her father is an academic historian. Robin had a comfortable childhood, growing up in a pleasant house with a view of the sea.

And now…She is tall and womanly in shape, slender of waist, with smallish round breasts, heavier about the hips and buttocks. She is confident but not vain, stylish but not coquettish and wears loose dark clothes that do not make her body into an object of sexual attraction. That shows she pays more attention to the inner values.

Robyn is liberated, independent and a follower of feminism and a passionate devotee of semiotic materialism. Regardless of her thoughts and beliefs in practice this doesn’t seem to affect her behavior very noticeably – she seems to have ordinary human feelings, desires, to suffer anxieties, frustrations, fears, like anyone else in this imperfect world, and what is more important she has a natural inclination to try and make it better. For example: When she was chosen for the "Industry Year Shadow Scheme" she didsn’t want to go to the factory at first. And when Vic showed her the factory she was shocked about the fact that just a few women work there and that many erotic pictures hang on the walls. For her the factory looks like hell and because of her obstinacy she tried to change that. She wanted to help Danny Ram, one worker, who was going to be fired. In the end we learnt that she refused to move in the USA/ She stayed in Rummidge. She understood that there were so many things which needed some improvement. The great field for actions.

Although she had an affair with Vic in Frankfurt she did not fall madly in love with himю For her love was still a textual construct. So her intellectual belief that love is a textual construct prevent her...
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