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Topics: Higher education, Digital single-lens reflex camera, Camera Pages: 7 (2301 words) Published: January 3, 2013
to 2011 International Conference on Advancements in Information Technology With workshop of ICBMG 2011 IPCSIT vol.20 (2011) © (2011) IACSIT Press, Singapore

Consumer Decision-making Style and Purchase Behavior in UK’s Digital Camera Market Zhipeng Nie+, Hui Zong and Min Li
School of Economics & Management,Henan Institute of Science and Technology, China

Abstract. This paper examines consumer’s decision-making processes and style by conducting an extensive research into UK’s digital camera market in London. It also investigated into the relationship between the decision-making styles and the perceived value when purchasing digital camera and related equipment. Keywords: decision making, digital camera

1. Introduction
The purpose of the study are: (a) examining the consumer decision-making styles by using the consumer styles inventory; (b) investigating the relationship between decision-making styles and the consumer’s purchasing behaviour of digital cameras and related equipment; (c) investigating the consumers’ perceptions of the product value in different decision-making styles. To examine the extrinsic factors of consumers, the perceived product value questionnaire (Teas & Agarwal, 2001) is used to formulate the questionnaire of this study.

2. Result Analysis and Findings Presentation
The study attempts to explore the differences between each decision-making group’s perceptions with regard to purchasing digital cameras or related equipment in London. The questionnaire on the consumers’ perceptions of the digital camera contains items related to perceived quality, perceived value, perceived sacrifice, perceived financial risk, and perceived product performance risk. The sample is drawn from the professional camera equipment store in Harrow Town Centre (a typical commercial town of London), data collectors were placed in stores to distribute and collect questionnaires. One hundred people were conveniently chosen for this study. Among these one hundred population samples there were sixty females and forty males. The sample also consists of seventy-five digital camera owners and twenty-five non-owners. Among the digital camera owners, there were seventy people who purchased digital cameras for personal use. Owner who purchased the cameras for business use and gifts were four and one respectively. 1

2.1. Difference by Gender
The participants in this study were mostly between eighteen and forty-four years old, with a college or university education level. Most have a monthly income of less than one thousand pound, while there were some in the one thousand to two thousand five hundred pound range as well. In this study, there were forty male participants and sixty female participants. The numbers of male and participants were slightly fewer than female participants. Among the one hundred participants, seventy-five participants already owned +

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digital cameras. The owner rates by male and female were respectively fifty-three percent, equalling to forty participants and forty-seven percent, thirty-five participants. In this study, the rate of male participant owners was higher than that of the female participants. For male participants, thirty percent owned a Sony digital camera, which was the highest owned brand, followed by Cannon, with a twenty percent owner rate. Other brands also received a high percent in owner rates among the male participants. For the female participants, other brands got the highest owner rate of thirty percent.

2.2. Differences in Price Range and Future Purchase
The research shows that thirty percent of the male participants own digital cameras within the price range of one hundred fifty to four hundred pound; and fifteen percent of the male participants own digital cameras within the price range of four hundred to five hundred seven-five pound. Twenty...
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