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In this essay I will be discussing the Montessori method. I will discuss the importance of Independence, Observation, Following the child, Prepared environment, Correcting the child and the Absorbent mind on the development of the child's independence.

First we need to know what the Montessori method is. The Montessori method is... '' self-reliance and independence. It helps a child to become independent by teaching him or her life skills, which is called practical life. Montessori children learn to dress themselves, help cook, put their toys and clothes away and take an active part of their household, neighbourhood and school.'' (Montessori Mom, What is the Montessori Method (Accessed 27th of November 2012)).

Maria Montessori felt that independence, observation, following the child, correcting the child, prepared environment and the absorbent mind can be applied to children of all ages and will help the child towards independence.

Montessori's aim for children was to give the child the opportunity to do the task for themselves. Such opportunities would be allowing the child to do what they want in a safe environment. Helping the child to develop their independence will help their self-esteem which the child can carry on throughout their lives. "Never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed." – ''Maria Montessori''.(Daily Montessori, Developmental Psychology (Accessed 27th of November 2012)).

If the child is not given the time to do the task at their own ability and the adult or teacher becomes frustrated and does the task for the child this can have a harmful impact, for the child may become over-dependant on the adult and will not do it for themselves for they know the adult or teacher will do it for them. The child will seem unhappy and will be drawn to people with soft feeling’s and affection. The child will always be bored without realising it and will always ask questions without listening to the answers they will ask another question. They will become overdependent on adults asking them to do everything with them and for them which is very unhealthy. '' They ask the grown-up to help them, to play with them, to tell them stories, sing to them, and beg him not to leave them.'' ( Montessori, M. The Secret Of Childhood, 2003, P. 168).

The child will listen to everything the adult tells them to do. This is very easy for the adult for it involves less work with the child and makes the child easier to manage. However this is very damaging to the development of the child's independence. ObservationMontessori felt that observation was key to the understanding of how the child works in a set environment. Montessori observed children with no preplanned ideas, and took note of what their needs were, what materials they needs and what interested them. ''For example, if a child starts banging on objects, it means that he has a need for that gross motor activity, so give him a drum.'' (Daily Montessori, Developmental Psychology (Accessed 27th of November 2012)). This will fulfil the child's need. One prejudice with children is that if a child is left alone with their thoughts their mind is not working and is at rest.'' If that was the case, he would be a stranger to the world. Instead of this we see him making a gradual and spontaneous conquest of ideas and speech. '' (Montessori, M. The Discovery Of The Child, 1997, P.166). The child is constantly looking at new things and trying to grasp and understand the new information. This takes great effort from the child so the lessons taught to a child should be aimed straight to the relevant information to make it easier for the child to understand this new information.

Following the ChildAllow the child to show you what they want to do, in a safe environment. “The aim of the children...
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