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  • Published : December 26, 2012
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Adopt a Grandfriend
If I were appointed to lead a service project for National Honor Society, I would choose to lead a project for a cause that is sometimes forgotten. It is a part of all of us, yet somehow it manages to evade our thought process, except during the holidays. Everyone has grandparents, however, there are some who live in assisted living facilities and nursing homes who are not able to be visited as much as they would enjoy it. For my service project, each National Honor Society member would have a “grandfriend” at a nursing home or assisted living home in Oak Creek such as Meadowmere or the Cornerstone residents. At least once each season, (fall, spring, winter, and summer) the NHS member would go with a group of other members to play bingo, card games, or even just talk to their grandfriend. Around holidays, members would make their friend a card just to show that they are thinking of them. They could also choose to write them letters, sort of like pen-pals. My grandparents live in southern Illinois and northern Missouri, so I do not get to see them very often. But, they love it when I call and just talk to them. They also appreciate when I write them letters because it reminds them of when they were younger. Through working at St. Matthew’s annual Senior Social serving coffee or helping senior citizens on and off of a bus, they were very grateful and the smile on their face was priceless. Giving a few hours to Oak Creek’s elderly by adopting a “grandfriend” would be a simple and fun service project for all National Honor Society members to participate in.
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