Nhs and Commuity Care Act 1990

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  • Published : February 25, 2013
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Part one- question
I have chosen the concept kinship, ‘ a relation by the bond of blood, marriage or adoption’ reference. It represents one of the basic social instittues,it is universal and it the majority of societies play a significant role in the solization of individuals (giddens page 1022).This essay will look at kinship in relation to the family structure. The family structure has developed and changed over time and can be seen as a result of social changes brought about by indrustlisation.The period known as the industrial revolution began in Britain around the eighth cenuturay,it brought a number of important changes in society. The work force moved from agricultural industry to industrial work producing manufactured goods. Powered machinery was used to mass produce goods ,so home family run business could not compete. The population rose and towns and cites grew with most of the population in large urban areas (sociology n focus 244-245).It is important to define some key terms that will be prevalent, indulsiation revolution was a period were major indlization took place .There was the emergence of large scale factory production which took over home based hand manufacturing and the agrcutrial industy.The nuclear family consist of a mother, father and one or more children. The extended family is mothers, fathers children, uncle aunts and grandparents live all together. Talcoct parsons (1951) believed that this industrial revolution was the main cause of the transformation from extended family households to necular family households. Were as some sociologists state it has always been necular.(pip jones 78-79)He believed that industrialisation changed society it brought a mobile geographical work force.He believed that the separation of extended families caused neular families to be framed in order to take advantage of the new job oppertunties.The other fundamental change that he reconigesed was families no longer had to provide their own clothes, food...
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