Nhl Headshots

Topics: Ice hockey, National Hockey League, NHL Winter Classic Pages: 2 (382 words) Published: April 9, 2013

By: Marty Wilson

You think hockey headshots aren’t bad? Tell that to the family of Russian forward Dmitri Uchaykin who died after receiving a hit to the head during a KVL game. My stance is clear, stop headshots in hockey.

The amounts of injuries are insane from headshots on the ice. James Neal took an elbow to the head from Micheal Del Zotto during Pittsburgh’s game with the New York on Friday night. Neal was an outstanding hockey player but his career could be altered by this devastating blow. Micheal Del Zotto had no need to play Neal with the body because he was controlling the puck.

`Crosby takes a blind side shoulder to the head from David Steckel of the Washington Capitals. The hit occurs during the second period of the 2011 NHL Winter Classic, an outdoor game played in Pittsburgh. Crosby took over one year to recover from that hit and he still wasn’t the same player for a very long time after that too.

The NHL has created a new rule. Rule 48 against headshots in the league. This makes headshots at anytime, whether they were called a penalty or not, can be suspendable by a group of people who analyze the hit. They have to see intent to injury and clear contact to the head or neck. Neck contact can be just as deadly as head contact because of the nerves and vertebrae.

The Chara hit on Max Pacioretty wasn’t a hit to the head but was still dangerous because of the area he was hit into. Many people thought that Chara should’ve been suspended for the hit but the league thought otherwise because Chara didn’t get suspended. I can see how Chara was just going for a hit to get the puck and not notice where they were. The fact that the police investigated the hit was a little overboard and the possibility of assault charges crazy.

Those are only a few cases of headshots but it is still enough for me to know that headshots should be eradicated from the game. The league is doing...
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