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Nhl Ceo

By | November 2012
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As the new CEO of the NHL I am looking to be a future visionary leader for this organization to make it bigger and better. By doing so I plan on taking it to a whole different level. One innovative idea which has already been in effect since 2008 is the Winter Classic. I plan on spreading it World Wide to places where it’s not imaginable to raise the brand in popularity. It is important for our organization to expose itself in ways that fans and people that are new to the sport would never think could be played in certain conditions. Going overseas and other countries is just one way to expand the Winter Classic. Another innovative idea is to Change the playoff format to the top 16 regardless of division or conference. The top 16 teams should get into the playoffs.  Some say this would reduce the rivalries.  I disagree this would prevent great teams from being eliminated in the first round or from missing the playoffs altogether.  The format would work such that team one would play team sixteen, team two would play team fifteen and so on.  This was the format used by the NHL in the early 80′s.  Reasons why this would make the NHL game better this format would make the travel a little more equal. Currently western teams get the bad end when it comes to travel. Fans would get to see teams they normally wouldn’t and produces longer consecutive playoff streaks. This just gives a chance for other NHL teams to get a shot and make their fan base noticed. Another innovative idea is getting tougher on head shots. Players are receiving concussions at an alarming rate.  Serious attention needs to be paid to this issue until it is too late and someone dies.  Winning is one thing but developing life long health issues as a result of a concussion is another.  Player safety must be a top concern. The NFL deals with results like this as well we as an organization want to stop it all together so we can keep our league an responsible and safe place to play....

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