Ngos in Rural Bangladesh

Topics: Non-governmental organization, Poverty, Human rights Pages: 19 (4917 words) Published: October 12, 2012
At the very first moments, thanks to Allah for especial blessing in completing the assignment. A single individual can achieve no perfect goal. I am indebted to a number of people for their kind advice, suggestion, direction, cooperation that enable me to have an experience in the dynamic and challenging environment NGO sector ultimately to prepare this assignment. Then I likely thank from the core of my heart to Dr. Naznin Islam for his excellent guidance which has helped me preparing this assignment properly.

I express my sincere gratitude to Honorable Executive Director A K Arzoo and other officials of Jagorani Chakra Foundation (JCF) for helping me providing information’s whenever we asked for it.

Without their kind co-operation in all respect it would not been possible for me to prepare this assignment.

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Bangladesh has a strong tradition of private philanthropic initiatives for humanistic and voluntary works for people’s welfare. Many schools, colleges, hospitals and other voluntary initiatives for public service have their origin in the philanthropic values of caring and sharing. It is with the same spirit of caring and sharing that after the Liberation War in 1971 many dedicated individuals took initiatives for people’s welfare, at the beginning in the form of relief and rehabilitation, which subsequently transformed into NGOs working in wide ranging areas of development and social change. As a complimentary force to the state sector, NGOs have made great contributions to public welfare, in many cases becoming national and international models which are being replicated in many countries of the world. Micro-finance, women empowerment, education, health, environment, rightsbased awareness and demand creation are only a few examples of the whole range of areas in which NGOs are actively and commendably involved in Bangladesh. NGOs in Bangladesh are engaged in diverse activities – the same NGO may be involved in multiple areas of operation. Micro-credit is one of most common and increasingly popular type of operation of NGOs because of the success of the model in reaching the poor, especially women, but also for the reason that it has also become a legally endorsed income generating activity helping development and sustainability of the NGOs themselves. Other popular programs include education, health, family planning, environment, human rights, women and children welfare, etc. Most NGOs rely upon funds received from foreign sources. International NGOs, development partners, foreign private organizations, and multinational organizations provide such fund. A World Bank Report (2003-04) informs that 34.10% of the foreign aid (US$ 379.4 million) received by Bangladesh was allocated for the NGO sector. There are no estimates of funds from other sources that are involved in this ever growing sector. The NGO sector is also an important employment generating sector.

This study has undertaken to bring out an overall picture of the nature, extent and process of None-Government Organization (NGO) in the rural development of Bangladesh. The main objective is to bring into focus the importance of NGOs in development of rural poor through their diverse activities.

This is a qualitative study combining desk research with field work and...
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