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Topics: Occupational safety and health, Personal protective equipment, Road traffic control Pages: 5 (1241 words) Published: January 13, 2012

At the request of HSQE Manager, a health and safety inspection of company name (Principal Contractor) worksite at location, including welfare facilities, was carried out on the afternoon of 8th June 2011. The purpose of the inspection was to highlight areas of good working practice and to identify hazards and breaches in current health and safety legislation. The inspection was carried out by HSE Advisor. At the time of the inspection there was 1 x supervisor present and 8 x employees, this site is spread over a ½ mile radius that encompasses small sections of operational railway. The works taking place include cable containment and installation of cable containment bridging which required small excavations using hand tools; there was also the intermittent use of an abrasive wheel which was used to cut concrete troughs.


Numerous hazards have been identified within the worksite, some of which require immediate action, as they are in breach of current health and safety legislation and provide unsafe working conditions for employees, sub-contractors, visitors and other organizations that wish to transit through the site. If the issues raised in this report are ignored, there is the possibility that a serious accident could occur with the potential to generate prosecutions followed by substantial fines and or possible imprisonment of up to 2 years as identified in the “Health and Safety etc Act 1974 Section 33”


1. Transport Management and Control

The worksite had a number of access roads through the worksite that were being used on a frequent basis by employees and other Organizations. Upon inspection it was noted that the traffic management controls were inadequate. This was due to ineffective traffic control signage and management. When other organizations were accessing the site, there was no direction given as to what action is required i.e. to sign in/out, traffic controls and site briefings. This action was putting employees at risk from being struck by vehicles whilst walking or working. Due to inadequate control measures in place the site is in breach of the “Health and Safety at Work etc Regulations 1974 Section 2” and “The Workplace Regulations 1992 Section 17”. In order to rectify the above breaches, adequate site signage should be put in place to highlight what is required when vehicles enter the worksite; this can be implemented at a cost of around £300 for the signs. Also the need for suitable and sufficient pedestrian segregation is required, this can be achieved by hiring pedestrian barrier at a cost of £450 pounds up to the completion of the project. I feel that the costs mentioned are justified due to the cost that could be imposed onto the company from any potential action/prosecution from the HSE or the ORR.

2. Personal Protective Equipment

During the inspection it was noted that an employee failed to wear the appropriate eye protection when he was cutting concrete with an abrasive wheel whilst the duty supervisor was present. The above non-conformance exposed the employee to potential minor to major injuries including possible blindness. The above findings breach the “Health and Safety etc Act 1974 Section 7”, “Construction (Head Protection) Regulations”, and “Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations”. Due to the severity of the above issues I feel that the supervisor be re-briefed with regard to his health and safety responsibilities and a tool box talk be given to remind employees of the importance of wearing Personal Protective Equipment. The total cost of this recommendation will be £450 which will be a lost time cost due to 1 days re-briefing for the supervisor and 1 hrs re-briefing/tool box talk for all employees onsite, these briefings need to be formally recorded. I feel that the recommendations are carried out with immediate effect to ensure the safety of...
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