Nfl: How Does the Players Behavior Off Field Affect the Game of Football?

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Omar Johnson
English 1301.214
Dr. Nancy Carothers
11 November 2008

NFL: How Does the Players Behavior Off Field Affect the Game of Football?

How does the Player’s behavior off field affect the game of football? The answer to this question might surprise you. We all know that bad behavior has it own consequences, but does it really negatively affect the way a player plays the game of football. In recent year, especially since 2002 we have had a rash of NFL athletes being arrested. The two most famous would probably Pac Man (Adam) Jones and Michael Vick. These two have been in the headlines for sometime, and probably are the two most notorious. Pac Man has had many arrests, but never really did any jail time. Michael Vick is serving prison time for his poor judgment off the field. There were a chain of events that lead up to them not being able to play in the NFL, but did it really affect their game while they were playing?

Let’s first look at the two players. Adam Jones who everyone calls Pac Man because of his skills in running and getting out of harms way. Michael Vick was to be the most exceptional Quarterback out there. Both of these players came to the NFL from disadvantaged environments, and appeared to beat all odds for success. But, did they really? It seems that they were not able to make the transition to the big league. They were not able to see the difference from playing in the inner city and playing in a national league. The problem for these two NFL players is not the ability to play a great game on the field; it is the inability to control their conduct off the field.

Pac Man Jones plays for the Cowboys. The Titans first drafted him in 2005. “Since the Titans drafted cornerback Adam Jones in 2005 he’s been question, named or arrested in connection with at least 12 off-field incidents. (Yassinskas)).” Even though Jones has been arrested 6 times since he was traded to the Dallas Cowboys in April he has done...
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